Gourmet Taiwan Website Personal Information Security Policy

1. Privacy Policy

Gourmet Taiwan values and respects the privacy of our users. Please read the following privacy and information security policy carefully to understand how Gourmet Taiwan collects, uses, and protects your personal information when you visit Gourmet Taiwan and other extended service websites.

2. Scope

The following privacy policy applies to the collection, use, and protection of personal information during your visit to Gourmet Taiwan and other extended service websites. However, the following privacy policy does not apply to other websites searched through Gourmet Taiwan. The privacy policies of such websites shall apply to the protection of personal information during your visit.

3. Collection of Personal Information

Gourmet Taiwan collects your personal information through the following channels:

  1. Online Activity/Questionnaire
    When you participate in the online activity or online questionnaire on Gourmet Taiwan, we may ask you to provide your personal information, including your name, ID number, telephone number, e-mail address, and address. Some activities may ask users to register as cyber citizens. Users may also participate in the lucky draws, contests or marketing activities through hyperlinks of advertisement channels on Gourmet Taiwan. The respective privacy policies of such institutions or websites, rather than the privacy policy of Gourmet Taiwan, shall apply to the protection of personal information provided by users. Gourmet Taiwan does not bear any joint and several liability.
  2. General Browse
    Gourmet Taiwan will reserve the logs produced by the server automatically during your browse or inquiry, including the IP address, time of use, browser used, and history of browses and clicks. Gourmet Taiwan will mark the individual user’s browser and integrate these browsers into the internal webpage. Unless you are willing to share your personal information, Gourmet Taiwan will not and cannot match the logs with your personal information.
  3. Others
    If you contact the Long-established Restaurants in Taiwan by e-mail or give feedback to us through other channels, we will reserve this communication log.

4. Cookies Policy

To provide personalized services, we sometimes use Cookies to store and track users’ information at some point. A cookie is a short piece of information that is sent from the website to the browser and saved on the hard drive of a user's computer. Users may change the browser’s acceptance of Cookies, including accepting all Cookies, getting notice of Cookies settings, and rejecting all Cookies, in “Settings”→“Advanced” (Netscape) or “Internet Settings”→“Safety” (IE). If you choose to reject all Cookies, you may be able to only use part of personalized services or participate in part of the activities. In general, Gourmet Taiwan writes and reads Cookies in users’ browsers based on the following purposes and situations:

  1. To provide better and more personalized services: For better interaction in personalized activities, Gourmet Taiwan will create Cookies upon users’ registration or login and revise Cookies upon logout.
  2. To calculate the number of visits and analyze the browsing mode for better services.
  3. To track browsed ads or marketing activities: When sending newsletters or information on marketing activities organized by the website, Gourmet Taiwan sometimes writes Cookies to track the participation of users and related data throughout the activities.

5. Use of Personal Information

Gourmet Taiwan will not sell, rent or arbitrarily exchange any of your personal information to other groups or individuals. Only in the following situations will Gourmet Taiwan share your personal information with third parties under this policy.

  1. Online Activity/Survey
    Gourmet Taiwan collects the name and ID number of the respondents only for the purpose of lucky draws. The telephone number, e-mail address, and address of the respondents are only used to notify the respondents of and analyzed the results of lucky draws. Other data are only used for analysis or academic purposes. Without the consent of the respondents, Gourmet Taiwan will not use such data for other purposes other than analysis.
  2. Statistics and Analysis
    Gourmet Taiwan conducts the internal or academic research of the number of users and users’ interest and behavior based on user registration, questionnaires, marketing activities, or server logs. The statistical analysis of the research is conducted based on the information of all users. Information or the analysis report made public by Gourmet Taiwan is presented by the sum of all users’ behavior. Gourmet Taiwan will not provide the analysis report based on personal information of a specific user.

6. Disclosure of Personal Information

Gourmet Taiwan will not sell, exchange or rent any of your personal information to other groups or individuals. Only in the following situations will Gourmet Taiwan share your personal information with third parties under this policy.

  1. To provide other services or offers, Gourmet Taiwan will have to share your personal information with third parties providing such services or offers. Gourmet Taiwan will give a fully explanation during the activities and notify you before collecting your personal information. You are free to choose whether to accept this particular service or offer.
  2. To provide more accurate and quality services through value addition, evaluation, and research, Gourmet Taiwan may compare users’ information with any third person’s information based on the confidentiality agreement; in addition, Gourmet Taiwan may disclose user statistics anonymously to introduce our services and other legitimate purposes to future partners, advertising units, and other third parties.
  3. Others:
    Gourmet Taiwan is under obligation to protect the privacy and personal information of our users. Without your consent, we will not revise, delete, or provide any (or part) of your personal information and files, except for your prior consent or the following situations:
    • Access by judicial and prosecuting agencies of the Republic of China through legal procedures.
    • Violations of the website regulations and has caused coercion.
    • Consideration for the extension of government website service benefits.
    • Protection of legitimate rights and interests of other users.

7. Protective Measures for Information Security

As 100% security of data transmission on the internet cannot be guaranteed, Gourmet Taiwan strives to protect users’ personal information security by using SSL, a standard security technology that ensures the security of data transmission, in some cases. As the process of data transmission involves the security of your internet environment, we cannot be sure or ensure that users send or receive data securely on Gourmet Taiwan. Users should pay attention to and bear the risk of data transmission on the internet.

8. Amendment to Privacy and Information Security Policy

Gourmet Taiwan will amend this policy from time to time in line with the latest privacy laws and regulations. When significant amendments to the use of personal information are made, we will post a notice on the webpage.

9. Inquiry about Privacy and Information Security Policy

If you have any questions about this privacy policy or the collection, use, and update of personal information on Gourmet Taiwan, please contact China Productivity Center by phone (02-26982989, ext. 2403 Ms. Kuo or ext. 2651 Ms. Liou), fax (02-2698-9072), or e-mail in working hours.